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About – Phil Stepanski

Tracy and I were married 10 years ago.  Between us we have 5 children, 2 children in-laws and 3 grandchildren with one more due in September.  We met on-line. (and that’s a story for some future writings.)

My career has been in office equipment.  I ran the print shop of a large law firm before getting my first job as a service technician.  After 5 years I realized I was worth more than the company was willing to pay so I started my own business.  The Service Company.

For 27 years I ran The Service Company.  Starting in my basement and going through 5 different offices and numerous employees, as many as 9 at one time.  There is so much that I learned from this experience.

The Service Company was a victim of the economy down turn that started in about 2006.  I closed the doors in November of 2012 and took a job with a former competitor.  (Not exactly the way I had things planned but happy to have a job.)

About 2 months later we got a call from a friend that Tracy went to medical school with.  He asked us to watch a video.  We both saw a great opportunity but for different reasons.  Tracy saw the science part very clearly and I was interested in the business side.  I was very open, at that point, to something that would lead to my independence again.

About – Tracy Bretl, D.O., S.C.

Following medical school I spent three years in the U S Navy. I have been in private practice for 25 years in an Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine practice (hands on treatment for musculoskeletal pain).

Between the changes in the economy and insurance reimbursement (and that I don’t want to limit the time I spend with patients by working for a large group), I have had to find a Plan B. Luckily, a friend from medical school told me about LifeVantage.

LifeVantage will allow me to continue to practice without the worry of overhead expenses or reimbursement and to eventually retire with time and financial freedom. I am honored to help others do the same.

Tracy Bretl D.O.
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